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Extra Gum

Introduced by Wrigley in 1984, Extra Gum is now one of the biggest brand names in the world. Plus, it’s the #1 best-selling sugar-free chewing gum in the United States! So if you love that incredibly long-lasting flavor that Extra provides, then you’re in the right place at the right time!

With four decades of success, Extra Gum is by far one of the most trusted brands on the market today. Not only is it highly sought-after, but it’s also enjoyed by all people from all walks of life! Furthermore, Extra appeals to everyone because they offer several awesome flavor options such as Berry Mix, Cinnamon, Classic Bubble, Mint Mix, Peppermint, Polar Ice, Smooth Mint, Rockin Raspberry Lime, Spearmint, Sweet Watermelon, Tropical, and Winterfresh!

On that note, it’s clear to see that Extra Gum is 100% in-tune with consumers; they know exactly what we want and enjoy! That said, welcome to Candy Retailer where we offer your favorite sugar-free gum and all its flavors! We also carry Extra Refreshers 6-count boxes, 10-count boxes, and 6-count Mega Pack boxes!

Lastly, we ship nationwide to all 50 states + Puerto Rico! So if you’re looking to stock up big on Wrigley’s Extra Gum, then load up today and enjoy huge savings! As you can see, our prices are unbeatable, and that will never change! Order today and experience the difference!