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Brand : Hot Tamales Cinnamon
Manufacturer : Just Born Candy Company
Type : Chewy Candy
Flavor : Cinnamon Candy
Qty. / Pkg. : 24 Count Box
Color : Red Candy

Hot Tamales Candy

Introduced in 1950 by Just Born, Hot Tamales Candy is a soft, chewy, spicy cinnamon candy chew. These oblong-shaped candies have a firm outer shell and a soft, gelatinous center. In 1999, Hot Tamales became the top-selling cinnamon candy in the U.S.

These candies appeal to heat seekers who prefer a chewy texture. In 2011, the Hot Tamales 3 Alarm candy debuted. The 3 Alarm assortment includes three colors: orange, pink, and dark red. The orange candies have the mildest cinnamon flavor. Pink and dark red are progressively hotter. In 2014, Just Born released Hot Tamales Tropical Heat. The Tropical Heat features spicy lemon, mango, and pineapple candies. Those who love sweet and spicy flavor combinations will appreciate the Tropical Heat Variety.

In 2018, Just Born reintroduced Fire and Ice. Fire and Ice was originally a single-flavor pack of spearmint candies. Ultimately, the product was discontinued. Fire and Ice combine the spearmint candies with original Hot Tamales.

We carry Hot Tamales Candy in the original hot cinnamon flavor. These candies are available in a multipack of 24-ounce individual boxes. We have a 54-ounce bag and a five-ounce theater box. Hot Tamales make excellent party favors. They are a crowd-pleaser at bachelorette parties and school spirit events.

Browse our cinnamon candy selection, where you will find Hot Tamales Candy and other favorites from major brands. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for your favorite person, you will find a delightful treat. We are committed to bringing you the best candies from popular and obscure brands.