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Just Born Candy Collection

Just Born Candy, renowned for its delightful marshmallow treats, offers a vibrant selection that celebrates tradition and innovation. Our collection is highlighted by the following:

  • Peeps Marshmallow Stockings and Trees, bringing festive joy to the holiday season.
  • An Easter Peeps Decorating Kit, perfect for family fun and creative expression.
  • Blue Marshmallow Bunnies and Chicks in various sizes, adding a splash of color to Easter celebrations.
  • Cotton Candy and Fruit Punch flavored Peeps, introducing a twist on classic flavors.
  • Lavender Bunnies and Chicks, offering a gentle and inviting taste experience.
  • Milk Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Chicks, blending rich chocolate with soft marshmallow.
  • Party Cake flavored Peeps, turning any moment into a celebration.
  • Sour Watermelon and Wildberry Peeps, catering to those who enjoy tangy and fruity flavors.

Just Born continues to enchant with its commitment to quality and its ability to blend tradition with novel flavors. Whether for holiday treats, special occasions, or everyday indulgences, our Peeps provide a sweet experience that continues to connect generations.