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In 1932, the chewy mint candy known as Mentos made its debute. The mints are typically sold in rolls of 14. They are now available in debate individually packaged as well. The chewy mints with a hard candy shell are now sold in 130 countries worldwide.

Mentos are characterized by their hard, crunchy outer shell that encases a chewy, sweet, minty center. The candies deliver a satisfying chewing experience while freshening your breath. In addition to the original mint flavor, the brand also offers fruit-flavored and cinnamon discs.

The Strawberry variety has a soft, sweet Strawberry taste. The Cinnamon discs have a spicy cinnamon flavor with subtle heat. The Fruit pack contains an assortment of Strawberry, Lemon, and Orange flavor varieties. There is also a chewing gum line available in regular, sugar-free, and vitamin options. Gum flavors include Mint, Spearmint, Sweet Mint, Watermelon, Wintergreen, Pure White, Red Fruit, and Lime.

In the Netherlands, the chewy candies' native countries, other flavors are available. They first appeared as licorice-flavored "drop" candies. The mint flavor also appears in stronger varieties in their native country. The "Strong" and "Air Action" varieties deliver a powerful burst of minty flavor.

There is also a Special Mix version that consists of four mint, fruit, and mixed berry flavors. Other flavors available overseas are grapefruit, peach, plum, spearmint, strawberry yogurt, lemon yogurt, red apple, and currant. Grape 'N Cream, Strawberry 'N Cream, and Banana 'N Cream flavor mixtures are available in Asia.

We have Mint, Cinnamon, Fruit, Green Apple, Rainbow, Spearmint, and Strawberry Mentos. Browse our extensive selection of the brand's pocket-sized, hard-shelled, chewy candies, gum, and vitamins.