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Brand : Twix
Manufacturer : Mars, Inc.
Type : Candy Bars
Flavor : Chocolate Candy
Qty. / Pkg. : 36 Count Box
Color : Brown Candy

Twix is by far, one of the most iconic candy bar brands ever produced. With a unique combination of crunchy cookie, real caramel, and rich creamy chocolate, each bite is just as delicious as the first. Not to mention, the eternal debate over the left Twix or the Right Twix is just one worth settling for yourself!

As the story goes, the Right Twix is made with smooth caramel on a crunchy cookie, covered by a creamy chocolate coating. On the other side, the Left Twix is made with chewy caramel on a crisp cookie, topped in velvety chocolate! However, most people can’t tell the difference! Nonetheless, there is a difference, it’s part of the Twix story, and even you can buy all left or all right Twix products! Not to mention, we got our information straight from the source, Twix themselves.

That said, we invite you to pick up a box of Twix today and let us know if you can spot the difference! Now available at Candy Retailer in a hard-to-find 36-count box, you’ll be stoked to discover that we ship to all 50 states, plus Peurto Rico! We’re also an actual candy store, so we also invite you to stop by and see us the next time you’re in Cincinnati. Order now or stop in and visit us, either way, we’re glad you’re here now!