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Brand : Werthers Original
Manufacturer : August Storck KG
Type : Hard Candy
Flavor : Caramel Candy
Qty. / Pkg. : 12 Count Box
Color : Brown Candy

Werthers Original

Available in hard, soft, chewy, and sugar-free caramel, Werther’s Original is one of the most trusted candy brands on the market today! Loved by almost everyone, these delightful little caramel creations have delivered billions of smiles and continue to do so until this very day!

Hailing from Werthers, Germany in 1909, this iconic brand is now the best-selling caramel candy in over 100 countries, including the United States! Not to mention, all of Werther’s products are still made in Germany and are produced with the same high-quality ingredients as always! Rich, smooth, and creamy, Werther’s offers nothing less than perfection!

As for flavors and options, Werther’s offers four options, Original, Caramel Filled, Caramel Coffee, and Apple Filled. Soft Caramel flavors include Original, Vanilla Crème, and Chocolate Covered. You can also find all flavors in its sugar-free line of products as well.

Lastly, at Candy Retailer, we offer several package options including hard-to-find 39.75oz Bags, 12-count boxes, smaller 2.65oz Bags, 5oz bags, single-size 2.75oz bags, and large 34oz bags of Werther’s Original. So as you can see, when it comes to options, we have you covered. Plus we ship nationwide and welcome everyone to visit us in person for a stellar in-person shopping experience! That said, stop by today or pick up your supply of Werthers online and we’ll be on our way!