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Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Licorice

Wiley Wallaby stands at the forefront of bringing authentic Australian-style licorice to candy lovers around the globe. Celebrated for its rich texture and profound flavors, our licorice selection includes:

  • Classic Red Licorice, offering a sweet and satisfying chew with a burst of deep, fruity flavor.
  • Traditional Black Licorice, known for its bold and distinctive taste that licorice purists adore.
  • Available by the pound, ensuring that enthusiasts have ample supply for indulgence or sharing.
  • A commitment to quality, using premium ingredients to deliver a licorice experience that is both smooth and flavorful.

Wiley Wallaby's licorice is perfect for those seeking a gourmet snacking experience. Whether enjoyed as a solo treat or as a companion to your favorite activities, our Australian-style licorice promises to transport your senses down under with every bite.