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Candy Carnival Charms 44 oz. Bag
Candy Carnival Charms 44 oz. Bag
Candy Carnival Charms 44 oz. Bag

Candy Carnival Charms come in a massive 44 oz. bag, brimming with a variety of classic candy favorites.

This large bag includes an assortment of Charms' most beloved candies, offering something for everyone. Whether you're stocking up for a party, planning a candy buffet, or simply ensuring you have a sweet treat on hand, this 44oz bag has you covered. The mix includes lollipops, hard candies, and other confections, making it a versatile choice for any candy lover.

Key Features:
  • Large 44oz bag filled with an assortment of Charms candies
  • Variety pack ensures a wide range of flavors and types
  • Ideal for parties, events, or as a generous personal stash
  • Perfect for fans of traditional candies and lollipops
  • Made with quality ingredients for lasting freshness and taste

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