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Claeys Old Fashioned Candy Drops Cinnamon 1lb
Claeys Old Fashioned Candy Drops Cinnamon 1lb
Claeys Old Fashioned Candy Drops Cinnamon 1lb

Warm up with the spicy-sweet taste of Claey’s Old Fashioned Cinnamon Candy Drops, now available in a 1lb bag! These classic hard candies deliver a burst of bold cinnamon flavor, reminiscent of old-fashioned candy shops and simpler times.

Perfect for those who appreciate the fiery kick of cinnamon combined with the comforting sweetness of hard candy, Claey’s Candy Drops are a delightful treat.

Whether you're looking to soothe a sore throat, freshen your breath, or simply enjoy a spicy snack, these cinnamon drops are sure to satisfy.

Key Features:
  • 1lb bag of Claeys Old Fashioned Candy Drops in Cinnamon flavor.
  • Rich, spicy cinnamon taste in a classic hard candy form.
  • Ideal for soothing throats, freshening breath, or enjoying as a sweet treat.
  • Made with traditional recipes for that nostalgic candy shop experience.
  • Individually wrapped candies for convenience and freshness.

Experience the timeless flavor of Claeys Old Fashioned Cinnamon Candy Drops and let each piece transport you to a bygone era of candy-making excellence. These candies are a journey through the rich history of American confectionery. Enjoy the warm, spicy flavor of cinnamon in every bite and make any moment a little sweeter with Claeys.

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