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Gerrits Satellite Wafers Tub 300ct
Gerrits Satellite Wafers Tub 300ct
Gerrits Satellite Wafers Tub 300ct

Embark on a nostalgic snacking journey with Gerrits Satellite Wafers, featuring a whopping 300 count tub of these unique and beloved treats.

Often referred to as "flying saucers," Satellite Wafers have captivated snack lovers for generations with their distinctive shape and fun eating experience.

Each wafer is filled with an assortment of sweet, candy beads, offering a surprising burst of flavor with every bite.

Perfect for parties, events, or simply reliving childhood memories, this tub ensures you have plenty to share and enjoy.

Key Features:
  • 300-count tub of Gerrits Satellite Wafers, ensuring a generous supply
  • Unique flying saucer shape with a delightful, edible wafer exterior
  • Filled with sweet candy beads for a fun and flavorful experience
  • Ideal for candy buffets, parties, or as a nostalgic treat
  • A timeless favorite that's sure to bring smiles and joy to both kids and adults

Gerrits Satellite Wafers are more than just candy; they're an experience. Whether you're introducing a new generation to these classic treats or reminiscing about your own childhood, the Satellite Wafers Tub offers endless opportunities for fun and flavor.

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Stacey M on 06/24/2024
These are my favorite candies from my childhood. I love them.

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