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Gustafs Allsorts 14.1 oz Bag
Gustafs Allsorts 14.1 oz Bag
Gustafs Allsorts 14.1 oz Bag

Try Gustafs Allsorts, now available in a 14.1oz bag. This delightful assortment of licorice candies offers a variety of shapes, colors, and tastes, making each handful a unique snacking adventure.

From soft and chewy to slightly firm, each piece combines the rich taste of licorice with complementary flavors and textures, such as creamy layers, fruity infusions, and crisp coatings.

Perfect for licorice lovers who enjoy a bit of variety, Gustafs Allsorts are ideal for sharing, gifting, or indulging in a personal treat.

Key Features:
  • 14.1oz bag of Gustafs Allsorts, offering a generous assortment of licorice candies
  • A diverse mix of shapes, colors, and flavors for a fun and varied snacking experience
  • Combines the rich taste of licorice with creamy, fruity, and crisp textures
  • Perfect for sharing with fellow licorice aficionados or enjoying alone
  • Made with quality ingredients for a premium candy experience

Gustafs Allsorts are not just candy; they're an exploration of the traditional and the unexpected in the world of licorice. Whether you're a long-time licorice lover or new to its unique flavors, this mix offers something for everyone.

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