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Gustafs Licorice Beagles 5.29oz Bag
Gustafs Licorice Beagles 5.29oz Bag
Gustafs Licorice Beagles 5.29oz Bag

Introducing Gustaf’s Licorice Beagles, a delightful 5.29oz bag filled with licorice-shaped beagle candies for a unique and enjoyable treat.

These candies offer a fun twist on traditional licorice, combining the classic flavor with playful beagle shapes that are sure to appeal to dog lovers and licorice fans alike. Whether enjoyed as a personal snack or shared with friends, these licorice beagles bring a smile to any occasion.

Key Features:
  • Unique beagle-shaped licorice candies for a fun snacking experience
  • 5.29oz bag provides a perfect amount for snacking and sharing
  • Classic licorice flavor loved by traditionalists and adventurers
  • Great for gifting to dog enthusiasts or as a novelty treat
  • Made with quality ingredients for a satisfying licorice taste

Order your Gustaf’s Licorice Beagles today from Candy Retailer. Expect swift nationwide delivery, with most orders arriving in just 2-3 days, ready to bring joy and flavor to your doorstep.

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