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Raindrops Gummy Pizza 12ct Box
Raindrops Gummy Pizza 12ct Box
Raindrops Gummy Pizza 12ct Box

Get ready for a special candy experience with the Raindrops Gummy Pizza 12ct Box! These mini gummy pizzas look just like the real thing.

Enjoy fruity flavors and a mix of gummy and licorice toppings in each adorable pizza box.

Perfect for sharing, party favors, or a playful treat to brighten your day with a smile.

Key Features:
  • 12-count box for long-lasting, shareable enjoyment
  • Delightful mini pizzas replicating the iconic food
  • Mixture of gummy and licorice for diverse textures
  • Fun, fruity flavors for a creative candy experience
  • Individual pizza boxes add to the playful charm

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