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Brachs Nips Coffee Hard Candy 3.25oz Bag
Brachs Nips Coffee Hard Candy 3.25oz Bag
Brachs Nips Coffee Hard Candy 3.25oz Bag

Brach's Nips Coffee Hard Candy encapsulates the beloved rich flavors of coffee in a small, hard candy form, perfect for coffee drinkers seeking a sweet, indulgent treat. Crafted for a long-lasting, enjoyable experience, these candies serve as an ideal companion for moments when you crave a coffee-flavored escape without caffeine.

Key Features:

  • Delivers a rich coffee flavor, satisfying the palate of coffee aficionados.
  • Packaged for convenience, allowing easy enjoyment anytime, anywhere.
  • Designed to offer a prolonged, pleasurable taste experience.
  • Suitable for those seeking a sweet, caffeine-free option.

With its unique blend of flavor and convenience, Brach's Nips provides a distinctively satisfying coffee experience in the form of candy. It's the perfect treat for sharing or for those solitary moments of indulgence.

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Top Customer Reviews

Sandra W on 01/31/2024
The product is great. It cost more for shipping than to buy it though.

Susan H on 01/11/2024
We used to find these in a few stores not anymore. Thanks for stocking these. Great price and super fast shipping

Steven S on 11/30/2023

Dave R on 10/17/2023

Diane E on 04/27/2023

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