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Vidal Gummi Missing Body Parts 4.5oz Bag
Vidal Gummi Missing Body Parts 4.5oz Bag
Vidal Gummi Missing Body Parts 4.5oz Bag

Unleash the fun with Vidal Gummi Missing Body Parts, available in a 4.5oz bag. Perfect for Halloween or any spooky-themed party, these gummy candies come in the shapes of various missing body parts, adding a playful and eerie twist to your candy collection. Each piece is packed with fruity flavors, making them a deliciously scary treat for candy lovers of all ages.

Key Features:
  • 4.5oz bag of gummy candies shaped like missing body parts for a spooky snack experience.
  • A mix of fruity flavors that everyone can enjoy.
  • Ideal for Halloween, horror-themed parties, or as a fun novelty candy year-round.
  • Great for trick-or-treaters, party favors, or as a conversation-starting treat.

Vidal Gummi Missing Body Parts offers a unique way to enjoy gummies with a twist. Whether you're hosting a Halloween bash, looking for the perfect addition to your themed event, or simply in the mood for something fun and different, these candies are sure to be a hit.

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