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Hannahs Pickled Pigs Feet 4.25lb Jar
Hannahs Pickled Pigs Feet 4.25lb Jar
Hannahs Pickled Pigs Feet 4.25lb Jar

Since 1991, Hannah's Pickled Pigs Feet has been an all-American favorite! Indeed, these delicious protein-rich pig’s feet provide a great source of collagen, healthy fat, protein, and probiotics! In fact, recent studies show that Collagen helps with skin health, joint function, and energy improvement!

Hannah’s is one of America’s most popular snack food brands of all time. That’s right; for more than three decades, Hannah's has been pleasing snack lovers across America with the finest pickled meats in the business! These meats include pickled pigs feet, pickled eggs, pork-free sausages, and much more!

Best of all, these delicious pickled pigs feet make a tasty, healthy snack. One bite, and you’ll be reminded of the deep American south! Ready to eat straight out of the jar, these meat snacks are wonderfully textured with a delightful snap. No doubt about it, they’ll wake up your taste buds! After all, there's a reason that Hannah's customers keep coming back for more.

Lastly, Hannah's pickled snacks are made with a unique pickling process that keeps them fresh and ready to eat. So, if you are looking for a low-carb high-protein snacking option, then Hannah's Pickled Pigs Feet just might be for you!

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Edward S on 06/27/2023

Elvin H on 05/31/2020
Purchased as a gift and the person on the receiving end is enjoying it.

Quintin C on 12/19/2019

Shanna C on 03/06/2019

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