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Hannahs Pickled Sausage 16oz Jar
Hannahs Pickled Sausage 16oz Jar
Hannahs Pickled Sausage 16oz Jar

Hannah’s Pickled Sausages have been a fan-favorite for three decades, and counting! Indeed, since 1991, Hannah’s has been manufacturing some of the most delicious premium pickled meats around. Using only the finest high-quality ingredients, this is the type of pickled sausage that you won’t find anywhere else!

Fresh, flavorful, and ready to eat, these pickled sausages have been specially made with pork, chicken, and beef. Then, each premium pickled sausage is brined in a high-quality pickling solution with vinegar and a specialty blend of secret spices! As soon as you open the jar, you’ll see why Hannah’s Pickled Sausages are so popular.

Moreover, these savory sausages are a very satisfying and shelf-stable snack food option. Loaded with protein, one pickled sausage can fuel you for hours. Rich in taste with satisfying flavors, pickled sausages are one of the most versatile snack food solutions money can buy!

Lastly, we sell Hannah's pickled sausages and a range of styles and sizes, so there's something for everyone! Choose from large 4lb/ 39-count jars or our conveniently-sized 16oz jars! With that said, give Hannah's pickled sausages a try, we promise you’ll be more than impressed!

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