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Nerds Candy

Originally introduced by the Willy Wonka Candy Factory, Nerds candy is now produced by the current owner, Ferrara. So if you come across a box of Nerds candy with the Wanka logo on it, then please note; it’s several years old, don’t eat it!

Other than that, the taste and texture of Nerds are unusual. The rock-shaped candies are very tiny and crunchy. They have a tangy, sweet fruity flavor. They typically come in small boxes that contain two flavors contained on separate sides of the box. The original flavors were Grape and Strawberry. Today, they are available in a multitude of flavors and colors.

For decades, Nerds fans enjoyed the candies in their original format directly from their tiny boxes. Today, Nerds Candy is available in several new shapes and textures. Nerds jelly beans are available seasonably. They are the size of standard jelly beans, and they have a bumpy outer coating. Nerds Rope has a gelatin gummy-textured center with an exterior coating of Nerds. The brand has also produced gumballs that have tiny candy pebbles in the middle of a bubble gum shell. At one point, there was also a Nerds cereal in production.

We carry several varieties of Nerds candy. Big Chewy Nerds are similar to the brand's jelly beans. They have a rough, rocky outer coating and a chewy interior. We also carry mixed flavors in bulk for those who don't want to settle for two flavors at a time. Nerds Twist and Mix combine four flavors in a plastic dispenser. Whether you like the classics, or if you are looking for a new twist, we have a Nerds candy for you.

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