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Nips Candy

Of the more than 30 candies manufactured by Pearson Candy Company, Nips Candy is the most popular. Today, the American classic candies are produced by Nestle. Created in the 1920s, Nips were designed as a treat that workers could eat during their breaks. Today, people from all walks of life continue to savor the richly-flavored hard candy discs.

Known for their smooth, creamy texture, Nips are available in solid hard candy and soft-centered varieties. The original variety was called the Pearson Coffee Nip. Coffee Nips are made of a mixture of highly-cooked caramel candy. They have a bold coffee flavor that remains consistent as the candy disc dissolves. The addition of milk to the candy base gives Nips a decadent quality.

Today, there are four varieties of Nips candy available. Caramel has a smooth, milky flavor. Chocolate Parfait allows you to enjoy the long-lasting flavor of chocolate without consuming several pieces of high-calorie candy. Butter Rum has a buttery flavor with subtle, sweet spices.

For those who are looking for a pick-me-up, Nips have caffeine. The original manufacturers envisioned people enjoying Nips as part of their coffee breaks. Each candy piece contains six milligrams of caffeine. Those who wish to avoid sugar may indulge in sugar-free varieties of Nips.

We have Nips Candy in all four flavors. Our Chocolate Parfait Nips have a soft, chocolatey center. Grab the classic Coffee flavor for study breaks and long days at work. Savor Chocolate Parfait or Caramel to keep your sweet tooth at bay. We carry Nips and other rich caramel-based candies for all ages.