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Brand : Pop Rocks Strawberry
Manufacturer : Zeta Espacial
Type : Novelty Candy
Flavor : Strawberry Candy
Qty. / Pkg. : 18 Count Box
Color : Red Candy

Pop Rocks

Many are surprised to learn that Pop Rocks are actually hard candy. Carbon dioxide bubbles trapped within each tiny candy rock release, creating a popping sound. The candy was accidentally discovered in 1957 when a chemist tried to make a popping soda. Although General Foods patented the candy in 1961, the popping treats were not available publicly until 1976. The candies were withdrawn in 1983 due to lack of popularity, according to the manufacturer. In 1985, the candies returned under a new name. Today they are widely available under the original name.

Urban myth has long surrounded Pop Rocks. Many believed the popping candy could actually cause the stomach to explode when consumed with carbonated drinks. There was even a persistent rumor that claimed a child actor perished as a result of eating the candies with cola. Another rumor claimed the candies contained a mixture of an acid and a base that made the candies explosive. These rumors have since been tested, retested, and debunked. In response to the rumors, the FDA established a hotline in Seattle, Washington for the sole purpose of dispelling the rumors.

Originally, the candies came in three flavors: Orange, Grape, and Cherry. We carry Pop Rocks in Cherry, Grape, Tropical Punch, Green Apple, Strawberry, Cotton Candy, and Blue Raspberry. We also have Crackling Gum in Bubble Gum flavor. We have the AfterShocks line in Grape, Cherry Gummy Fries, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, and Cotton Candy. We carry these candies and other old and new candy favorites.