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Pop Rocks Green Apple 24ct Box
Pop Rocks Green Apple 24ct Box
Pop Rocks Green Apple 24ct Box

Experience the explosive flavor of Green Apple Pop Rocks, now available in a 24ct box. Each packet within the box delivers the classic, fizzing sensation Pop Rocks are known for, combined with the tart and tangy taste of green apple. This fun and iconic candy is perfect for party favors, treats, or simply enjoying a nostalgic snack with a zesty twist.

Key Features:
  • 24ct box of Pop Rocks Green Apple, ensuring plenty for sharing and enjoyment.
  • Each packet offers the exciting, fizzy texture Pop Rocks are celebrated for.
  • The zesty green apple flavor adds a tangy twist to the classic candy experience.
  • Ideal for parties, celebrations, or as a fun snack to brighten your day.

Pop Rocks deliver a burst of tangy flavors and an unforgettable popping sensation that's sure to get you going! Whether you're reliving childhood memories or introducing a new generation to this unique candy, the 24ct box provides ample opportunity to enjoy and share the fun.

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