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Altoids Arctic Peppermint 8ct Box
Altoids Arctic Peppermint 8ct Box
Altoids Arctic Peppermint 8ct Box

Refresh your day with Altoids Arctic Peppermint Breath Mints, a classic choice for mint lovers. This pack contains eight tins, each holding 1.2 ounces of sugarfree, vegetarian-friendly mints, making it a convenient and smart option for freshening your breath on the go.

Key Features:

  • Vegetarian Safe: These mints are made without any animal products, aligning with your dietary preferences.
  • Quality Ingredients: A blend of sorbitol, natural and artificial flavors, along with a hint of sweetness from Acesulfame K and Sucralose, ensures a consistent, enjoyable taste. The addition of Blue 1 Lake adds a visually appealing hue.
  • Curiously Strong and Cool: Altoids are known for their distinctively strong peppermint flavor that leaves your mouth feeling refreshingly cool.
  • Portable and Convenient: The sleek, sturdy tins are perfect for slipping into a bag, keeping in your car, or having at your desk. They're designed for on-the-go moments when you need a quick refresh.
  • Versatile Use: These mints are not only great for personal use but also make a thoughtful addition to gift baskets, stockings, or as a treat to share on dates and special occasions.

Experience the iconic peppermint flavor that Altoids is celebrated for with their Arctic Peppermint Breath Mints. Each tin is a promise of fresh, cool breath, ensuring you're ready for any close-up moment.

Altoids Arctic Peppermint
Mars Wrigley
Mint Candy
8 Packs Per Box
White Candy

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Top Customer Reviews

Beth K on 01/18/2024
I like these particular altoids a lot. I would not order any if these weren't available. So thank you for carrying them and being good at getting the orders out so efficiently and correct

Steve F on 06/21/2023
I love this Artic Mints better than the regular Altoids. I only wish the price was a little cheaper.

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