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Altoids Peppermint 12ct Box
Altoids Peppermint 12ct Box
Altoids Peppermint 12ct Box

Discover the classic sharpness of Altoids Peppermint Mints. This set includes twelve tins, each with 1.76 ounces of vegetarian-friendly, hard candy mints. They're perfect for a blast of fresh, pepperminty breath.

Key Features:

  • Vegetarian Friendly: Made without any animal-derived ingredients, these mints are suitable for vegetarian diets.
  • Natural Ingredients: Comprised of sugar, gum arabic, oil of peppermint, and gelatin, offering a natural, curiously strong peppermint flavor.
  • Curiously Strong: These peppermint mints pack a powerful flavor punch, ensuring your breath is fresh and invigorating.
  • Curiously Versatile: Not just for freshening breath, these mints can be used in baking decorations or as ice-breakers in social settings.
  • Curiously Altoids: Housed in easy-to-pack, sturdy tins that keep the mints fresh longer. Ideal for purses, briefcases, or backpacks.
  • Curiously Traditional: A part of American tradition since 1780, offering a consistent, strong mint experience in various flavors.

Enjoy the time-honored peppermint flavor with Altoids Peppermint Mints. Each tin is your gateway to fresh, confident interactions backed by a history of curious strength.

Altoids Peppermint
Mars Wrigley
Mint Candy
12 Packs Per Box
Red Candy

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