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Primrose Butterscotch Buttons 1 Lb
Primrose Butterscotch Buttons 1 Lb
Primrose Butterscotch Buttons 1 Lb

Discover the smooth and comforting flavor of Primrose Butterscotch Buttons, now available for purchase by the pound. Crafted for those with a taste for the classic butterscotch taste, these candies offer a rich and creamy experience in every piece.

Key Features:

  • Delivers a traditional butterscotch flavor in a hard candy form.
  • Available by the pound to accommodate both small and large needs.
  • An ideal choice for both personal enjoyment and as a thoughtful gift.
  • Perfect for use in candy dishes at home or in the office.

Primrose Butterscotch Buttons from Candy Retailer present a nostalgic indulgence or a delightful discovery for new fans, reinventing the simple joy of butterscotch for everyone.

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Top Customer Reviews

Jean W on 12/06/2023
These are absolutely spectacular. I'm a butterscotch fiend and so many varieties are too sweet or just "off" in some ways. These are buttery perfection. I'll have to fight myself to not order 20 more lbs!!

Claudia S on 11/21/2023
I hope you don’t run out of the Primrose Butterscotch Buttons. I have to really search to find them.

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