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Smarties Giant Candy Rolls 36ct Box
Smarties Giant Candy Rolls 36ct Box
Smarties Giant Candy Rolls 36ct Box

Experience the classic, tangy flavor of Smarties in a bigger and bolder format with Smarties Giant Candy Rolls, now available in a 36ct box.

Perfect for those who can't get enough of Smarties' signature taste, this box provides plenty of candy to share, enjoy, and even use as a fun party favor or treat for any occasion.

Whether you're reliving childhood memories or introducing a new generation to the joy of Smarties, these giant rolls are sure to please candy lovers of all ages.

Key Features:
  • 36ct box of Giant Smarties Candy Rolls for a generous supply
  • Each roll contains an assortment of fruity flavors
  • Ideal for sharing, gifting, or enjoying as a personal treat
  • Perfect for parties, events, or as a nostalgic snack
  • A fun and tasty way to enjoy the classic Smarties experience

Smarties Giant Candy Rolls offer a larger-than-life way to enjoy a timeless favorite. With this 36ct box, you have ample opportunity to savor the sweet and sour flavors that have made Smarties a beloved treat for generations.

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Top Customer Reviews

Valerie K on 01/22/2024
I love it, shipment was quick, I will order again

Barb H on 11/02/2023
I love these, but I was hoping to find an even bigger version of giant smarties that I saw this summer at the Dollartree stores in New Hampshire...the ones you sent me are large, but not GIANT😉😁

Steve H on 06/14/2023

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